What's Up with Brontëmania?

The Brontë sisters were a trio of isolated, socially awkward Victorian-era authors, known as well for their feminist works as for their obsession with violence and destruction. And almost two-hundred years later, a community of near-neurotic Brontë fans lives on. So what's up with this Brontëmania?

We Love A Good Doomed Gothic Romance (Part I)

One of the greatest figures of Victorian English literature went through the painfully awkward experience of one-sided love. Part I of investigating Charlotte's doomed romance.


We Love Victorian-era Sibling Dramas

Alas, it is none other than Charlotte who actively prevented her sister’s work from achieving its full, deserved fame.

We Love the Truth About the Brontë Family Dynamic

The Brontë sisters were struck by the things they had seen at their tender age. Their personalities, even, were shaped by the dysfunctionality of their early upbringing.

We Love How Little We Know About Emily

Frustrating Brontë fans worldwide, Emily Brontë still gets exactly what she wants two centuries later: to continue being a secret.

We Love This Mysterious Photograph

Our understanding of the Brontë sisters, really, is so much more complete when we can connect a face to the names and stories.

We Love Relating to a 200-Year-Old Indoorswoman

It's empowering to know that Charlotte Brontë, a known master with her timeless pen and paper, struggled with self-esteem all the same.

We Love the House That Has a Graveyard for a Backyard

Brontëmania is a very real phenomenon. Even if it exists with around only sixty other people on the planet, many of whom are over sixty years of age.

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